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How do you maintain 99.9% uptime on your standard shared web servers?

This is a great question!

We were the first company in the world to specialize in hosting only ASP applications. We learned a long time ago that in order to provide high availability ASP hosting services, you must specialize ONLY in ASP hosting.

There are many factors that enable us to meet, and often exceed 99.9% uptime for our standard shared hosting plans. Below are just a few of the many reasons we have consistently been able to provide high availability ASP hosting services.

1) HARDWARE - The selection of hardware is critical to our high availability. We employ only top of the line Dell PowerEdge servers in our data center. Each server employs redundancy in a number of key areas, including disk drive systems and power. Each server utilizes only hardware RAID configurations with high speed SCSI disk drives. You will never find a server with non RAID hardware or IDE disk drives in our environment.

2) SOFTWARE - The software configurations are carefully selected. From experience, you are probably aware that the more software you load onto your servers the more problems you tend to encounter. The choice of software loaded onto each of our servers is carefully evaluated, tested and implemented with the utmost attention to detail. Many of our competitors offer CGI, PHP, hundreds of components and many other "extras" that impede the performance of their servers and drastically effect their ability to keep the servers running smoothly. Just because we specialize in Microsoft technologies doesn't mean that we install every Microsoft software or technology they support. Each technology is carefully evaluated and tested prior to implementation on our servers.

3) UPGRADES - We don't rush to be the first to install the latest and greatest software upgrades, patches and service packs. While we are diligent about ensuring the security of our servers, no software is installed on our servers without carefully evaluating the impact that software will have on existing services and fully testing the implementation prior to installing it on production servers.

4) PROVISIONING - One of the primary issues with hosting ASP applications is IIS crashes due to poorly written ASP code. We have addressed this issue in a number of ways. First, customer's applications utilizing our ASP business and higher accounts are run in a high isolated process on our servers. This provides them with memory and process isolation and prevents their applications from crashing in the event someone executes poorly written code on the server. The cost of running these applications in a high isolated process is higher because of increased use of both CPU cycles and system RAM.

5) MONITORING - While our ASP Starter, Basic and Plus plans run in a pooled process, the pooled process is monitored by proprietary software that automatically reports a problem in the unlikely event an application hangs the ASP parser service. We could automatically restart the services, however, we prefer to investigate the matter first in an attempt to isolate and resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve the issue in a few minutes the service is restarted in order to prevent significant downtime. Over the years, we have become experts at isolating and resolving these issues in minutes rather than hours like most our competitors.

Try our service free* for 30 days and see first hand why we have been selected as the "Best Web Host" by Visual Studio Magazine readers!

* Restrictions apply. Free offer only valid to new customers and available on certain plans. Refer to our web site for specific details.


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