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KB Article ID#13005

What are the requirements for installing components on your servers?

Component requests are broken into two categories.

a) Commercial components - Submit your request for a commercial component directly to our sales engineering staff. We will review your request and provide you with a response as quickly as possible.

b) Custom Components

   1) ASP Components - Due to security concerns custom ASP components require a code review. The cost of the code review is hourly labor at our current labor rate and there is a one hour minimum for the initial review. Component change requests are billed in half hour increments provided you send only the modified code. Major modifications may require a complete review. Due to the requirement of a review, you can save time and money by documenting your code extensively.

Custom ASP components are not permitted to access system resources, API's, the registry or other system components that may be considered a security risk. The code is also reviewed for performance considerations. It is important for you to ensure that you destroy your objests after using them.

ASP components must run as a library application and are not permitted to run as system applications. In addition, components written in Visual Basic must have the following options set at the project level.

         a) Retain in Memory
         b) Unattended Execution
         c) Apartment Threaded

   2) ASP.NET Components - Components written for use with .NET's "code-behind" feature and utilized in the /bin directory of your ASP.NET application do not require a code review. You are not permitted to access systems resources, system API's, the registry or any other resources outside of your applications scope. Attempts to violate this policy will result in account termination.


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