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Why are your prices generally higher than many of your competitors?

Remember the age old adage, "you get what you pay for"?

Our pricing structure was developed in accordance with the costs associated with providing high availability ASP and ASP.NET hosting services and providing a high degree of technical support 24 hours a day, not as a result of comparison to our competitors pricing.

We are the first company in the world to specialize in only ASP web hosting.  We have a great deal of experience in evaluating the necessary components required to provide high end, high availability ASP hosting services along with fully qualified technical support. While many of our competitors have undercut our prices in order to compete, they have had to cut corners in order to reduce costs associated with providing those services. This typical comes in the area of qualified support.

The highest cost of providing ASP hosting services is technical support, so it comes as no surprise that the first cost to be reduced by our competitors is support personnel and reducing the qualifications required of those support personnel. Our support personnel are Microsoft Certified professionals, all of them. We routinely send our employees to Microsoft Certified Education Centers for continued education in the ASP and ASP.NET hosting field. In addition, each Microsoft Certified support personnel has relevant development experience in ASP, ASP.NET and SQL Server.

The second highest expense is equipment. Many of our competitors cut cost by using inexpensive hardware, including servers and network components. We use only high end Dell PowerEdge servers and Cisco networking equipment. If you have any doubts about the equipment being used by your hosting provider, ask for a tour of their data center. We would be happy to provide you a tour of our data center at any time during normal business hours with only 24 hours advance notice. is committed to providing high end, high availability ASP and ASP.NET hosting services to our customers worldwide. We are not concerned with being the largest hosting provider, the fastest growing hosting provider or entertaining IPO's, buyouts or mergers. Our commitment to our customers is to remain profitable (you do want us to be in business next year, right?) while providing unprecedented uptime and impeccable support.

If you have any questions regarding our commitment to our customers, please call our sales engineering staff at (800) 431-6140 (press option 1) for a list of customer referrals.


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