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KB Article ID#14337

Can I upgrade my account? Please explain the process.

You may upgrade your account at any time. Excluding VDH add-on packages, VDSQL and dedicated server upgrades, we do not charge you a setup fee to upgrade your account.

If you wish to upgrade an existing account, please send your request to our billing department. The billing department will make the appropriate adjustment to your account and send the upgrade request to our support group whom will provision your new services.


When you upgrade your account from any plan to a Basic, Plus, Business, or Executive plan, your application and database will remain on the same servers and there will be no interruption in service. The support engineer handling your upgrade will simply provision your account for the additional disk space, email accounts and features associated with the new plan.

When you upgrade any account to a VDH plan or dedicated server, we will physically move your application to a new server. The IP address will change. In order to minimize the interruption in service to only a few minutes, the support engineer will coordinate the move with your development team. Because the database typical remains on the same database server, our engineers can either temporarily bind your old IP on the new server or simply provision the application on both servers for a few days while the DNS services propagate the new IP address to the Internet.


Your bill will be adjusted accordingly. If you have prepaid your account, your bill will be prorated and the remaining balance of your prepayment will be applied to the cost of the new plan.


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Article Applies To: Billing - Upgrades
Sales - General

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