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KB Article ID#17593

Do you provide merchant accounts or shopping carts with your service?

No, we do not provide merchant accounts or shopping cart software, however, we can tell you what you need to process credit card transactions.

1) You need a merchant account. Typically, you local business banker is the best place to get a merchant account. Be careful of online merchant account providers, especially with high percentage rates, high transaction rates and hidden fees. Try your local bank first!

2) You need an online payment processor. We recommend Authorize.Net or Verisign. Both are reputable payment processors and will work with most merchant accounts. You should verify with your bank (merchant account provider) that they can support The payment processor you select. Once you signup for a payment processing service, you will provide them your merchant account details and they will begin processing all credit card transactions online and payment will be directed to your merchant account bank.

3) While most online payment processors provide an online terminal interface from which you can process credit cards manually, most website's automate this process though the use of an online shopping cart. We do not provide shopping cart software, however there are many vendors that sell ASP and ASP.NET compatible software that is either plug-n-play or requires little modification to use. One such provider is VS-ASP which provides an ASP based solution (

4) We provide several components that will make your programmers job much easier when integrating your online payment processing solution to your shopping cart. We have the following COM components installed on all shared web servers:

a) Verisign's PayFlo Pro
b) nSoftware's CC ICharge
c)'s Authorize.NET wrapper component


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Article Applies To: Sales - General
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