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KB Article ID#20590

Do you support email forwarding?

Email forwarding is a feature that takes mail addressed to a local email address and sends that mail to an email address on a separate domain not on our system. does not currently support email forwarding. The reason for this is that when users forward email off-site to an email address provided by a third party such as AOL, COMCAST, SBC, BELLSOUTH, ATT, GMAIL, YAHOO or other ISP's, the email is first processed by our mail servers, which insert our IP address into the header of the email. The email is then forwarded to the remote ISP to be delivered to that remote email address.

When your third party ISP receives the email, they perform similar, but not necessarily the same checks that we do to determine whether the email is junk or valid email. If their junk filters, which might perform different checks than we do, decide that the email is SPAM, the servers they see as the relay (ours) are deemed to be sources of SPAM. If this happens, there is a good likelihood that our mail servers will be blacklisted.

We have decided to stop this perpetual junk email relaying problem, and the only way to do that is to remove the forwarding feature from our mail services. We understand this is not a popular policy amongst some users. However, it is absolutely necessary for us to cease SPAM forwarding. It is far less popular for our mail servers to be blacklisted, preventing our customers from being able to send or receive email at all.

There is no reason why this policy change should impact your users significantly. The email still arrives at and we deliver it to your user's mailbox. From there, users have several options available for retrieving these emails, such as our Zimbra Webmail service (, IMAP ( or POP3 services ( Many email services such as GMail provide the ability to retrieve mail from remote pop accounts. This achieves the same end as forwarding to accounts on those services.

Whether you POP your email from our servers or view your email using Zimbra Webmail or IMAP, third party ISPs usually do not filter this email before it reaches you. Therefore, any junk email delivered to you in this way would not not flag our servers as the source of the SPAM.

As an alternative to using forwards, you can setup distributions lists. Distribution lists allow you to setup one email address that delivers any mail sent to it to whichever email addresses are setup as members of that list. The members must be addresses on domains that are on your hosting account with us. Instructions for setting up and managing distribution lists can be found in the following Knowledge Base Article:


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