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Our bandwidth rate is currently calculated at $45/mo per Mbit/sec. For example, if you have a VDH plan which allows a sustained bandwidth of 192kb/sec, and your site sustains 512kb/sec for 30 minutes or longer 4 times in a single day, your total bandwidth charges would be as follows: sustained bandwidth calculations

Each plan is allotted a specified amount of total data transfer per month. We also allow each plan to utilize unlimited peak bandwidth for short durations, however, we do not allow unlimited sustained bandwidth utilization for durations greater than those periods specified below.

Log Analysis reports cannot calculate your sustained bandwidth usage. All sustained bandwidth calculations are calculated using data polled on our Cisco hardware once every five (5) minutes.

Sustained bandwidth charges are based solely on your sustained bandwidth use during peak hours. If your site does not sustain bandwidth use above your plans allotted sustained bandwidth for a specified duration, your actual bandwidth will be based solely on your total data transferred for the month.

For example, if you have an ASP VDH account, you are allotted 60 gigabyte of data transfer per month. The total sustained utilization for this plan is calculated at 192kb/sec. You may utilize our bandwidth to burst to much higher speeds, such as the full capability of your DSL or cable modem, for short durations. This allows you and your visitors to transfer information very quickly, however, a large number of simultaneous users will likely keep your sustained bandwidth level much higher than your plans allotted bandwidth for a specified duration. This will most likely cause you to incur bandwidth charges.

Bandwidth charges apply when your sustained bandwidth utilization exceeds your plans allotted sustained bandwidth for a specified duration. Sustained bandwidth durations are specified as follows:

Sustained Bandwidth > Plan Bandwidth > 15 minutes x 4 intervals per day

Sustained Bandwidth > Plan Bandwidth > 30 minutes x 2 intervals per day

Sustained Bandwidth > Plan Bandwidth > 60 minutes x 1 interval per day

Plan Allotted Sustained Bandwidths Rates

Dedicated (162.0 GB)
Dedicated (150.0 GB) 480Kb
Dedicated (113.9 GB) 360Kb
Dedicated (100.0 GB) 320Kb
VDH 192Kb
Executive 128Kb
Business 80Kb
Plus 48Kb
Basic 32Kb








% Used




512Kb   192Kb   320Kb   1024   0.3125   45   14.06

In this scenario, your total bandwidth charges for the month would be $14.06. It is calculated by taking the total sustained bandwidth and subtracting the allotted sustained bandwidth, then dividing the difference by a single unit of measurement, one megabit per second, then multiplying the fraction of the used bandwidth times the unit price cost for bandwidth.

Sites that do not sustain bandwidth usage above their allotted usage for at least the durations specified above are not subject to bandwidth charges above their plan rate unless they exceed the allotted monthly transfer. If you exceed the allotted monthly transfer, you must pay the difference between your current plan and the next higher plan.